Workin’ on my Fitness

My goal this week was to complete two strength training workouts and two runs.
On Monday, I did The Biggest Loser Power Sculpt workout.

This workout was no joke! I did the warmup, Levels 1, 2, and 3, and the cooldown. My favorite Level would have to be Level 3 because Bob is my favorite trainer. And let me tell y’all my butt muscles were sore for two days. The curtsey-squats were killer!

Jillian taught Level 1, Kim taught Level 2, and Bob taught Level 3. All three levels plus the warmup and cooldown only took me 50 minutes!

Zoe was very entertained by my workout. She kept trying to lay down next to me when I was doing push ups and planks!
Tuesday morning I ran 3.25 miles before work!

I make weird faces. No judgement.

Wednesday we went on a mini-family walk. Zach and I took Zoe (and a little white dog that followed us) on a 2-mile walk before dinner.

Zoe loves going for walks!
Thursday I walked the track with my friend Emily before taking Butts and Guts. I love going to that class! It’s so hard but I love the challenge! I look forward to it every week.
Zach ran around the track and did weights while we were in the class.

I get a huge kick out of this shirt.
I had a 5-miler on the plan for this morning but I’ve had the worst sore throat for the past 4 days and woke up with no voice this morning so I needed some extra sleep. I’ll make up for it this weekend though!
How were your workouts this week?
Anything fun planned for the weekend?
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